Biography Suomen lippu

It was back in year 1991, under Northern lights, in Finland, a newborn rockband JACKRABBIT came to see the dawn of a new day.

There was four young men, in their twenties, sharing the same vision and musical tastes, likes of AC /DC , Kiss, Lynyrd, Blackfoot, The Stones, Whitesnake,

...70´s stuff......when the music was real...

Rehealsing on daily basis, determined to make it work, a few months later, June of -92, JACKRABBIT played their first-ever gig in a dirty little bar called "The 8 Ball" in their hometown Pori, Finland.

From that day on, JACKRABBIT has been rockin around the Finnish nation, trying to make themselves proud in what they do.



In terms of history, only the lead-guitarplayers has been replaced as the years have gone by. All the guys have given their own spice in this rabbit-soup.


JACKRABBIT the band has always been about brotherhood, friendship and equality and the ONLY reasons in the changes in guitar-field has been personal decisions .Paze, the first official lead-axe, decided in late -90´s to leave town and headed for Helsinki, so the rehealses were almost impossible to organize as the other members were living in Pori, Finland. He was never fired, he never quit the band, he just wasn´t there, so the band had to move on. We still meet eachothers once or twice a year, and he´s still a brother and a friend.

In walks guitarman #2. Yukka Wallenius, this flexible-fingered six-string ripper, a few years younger from the other guys, brought a fresh winds into the band, giving a bit of a change in whole band´s sound. After a couple of years, couple of recordings and gigs unnumbered, unfortunate for the band, not for him, Yukka decided to dedicate his life on spiritual enlightenment, so he was no longer willing to continue on trail of rabbits. May the sun shine on your face bro!

Now, as we live today, the new millenium, JACKRABBIT, is living stronger than ever, introducing the new line-up with new leadguitarist, Maikkeli Lundgren, who actually has just returned home, as the true fact is that this guitar-wizard with balls-of-fire was involved in firstever jam-rehealses which almost accidently evolved into a band that was called JACKRABBIT.

The circle has ended. Long and strong live Rock´n´roll!!!!